“The goal of Blankdays is to create a sustainable brand with the world's best essentials – to devote our time to creating a brand that combines sustainability on all levels with fashionable high quality garments. After two decades in the fashion industry, working with both small, independent brands and large fashion retailers, I just had enough and had to try to do something about the damage the industry has on our environment. The idea was to make the essential garments – the ones that we buy and wear the most, such as t-shirts, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories – not only organic, but sustainable for real. All the way through the choices of materials & accessories, innovative production techniques and ethical working conditions, and also throughout the entire life cycle of the products as well as packaging, logistics.”



“My biggest hurdle starting up was to find ways of manufacturing not only environmentally and ethically correct. At the same time I also wanted to deliver high-end quality and a design that lasts longer, is more thoughtful in detail and fit and manufactured at the best factories in Europe. How could I do that and still keep reasonable prices? The solution had to be to never compromise the least on  products and instead use no middlemen.”



“With all of the above in mind, I realized that if one is to succeed in getting more people to choose sustainable options, the prices must be kept within reach.  Therefore, I have chosen to bypass the traditional sales channels. By skipping all middlemen and brick & mortar stores we can sell directly to end customers and more or less halve the prices compared to regular retail price of comparable products. This means customers can buy our products at wholesale price. Slow fashion to us is high quality essential pieces that never go out of style that lasts as long as possible. Buy only what you need- buy better- buy smarter and build up your wardrobe with pieces you know you will use for a long time”




“ As small player in the industry, there are limits to what we can ask from our manufacturers, but they have been fantastically accommodating and open to our philosophy. Not only will we never stop our search for better production solutions, we will also always work on tweaking and improving details on our garments to guarantee that we deliver the best possible products.


– Johan Lundell, 2018



Our founder Johan has vast experience from working in the fashion industry.  For years, he felt that meetings consumed a large chunk of his days and found dealing daily with process inefficiencies was damaging to his creativity and drive.  But hey, it’s a good thing that frustration can be the mother of change and innovation!



Johan started Blankdays to channel his passion and talent in new ways.  At Blankdays, meetings never take unnecessary time from hands-on work.  Productivity isn’t about having a calendar full of musts; it’s about doing the right things – which is often hunkering down and doing what you do best.  The brand name Blankdays serves as a reminder to keep us on this track.  So does our graphic symbol with five clean lines representing our five uncluttered working calendar days of the week.

Our drive is to create an alternative – a creative and smart way to take on sustainability and timelessness without sacrificing creativity, fashion and design.

  • Blankdays offers sustainable, timeless and luxurious essentials in exceptionally good quality.
  • Everyday pieces with high design value, made with great attention to detail and fit to ensure many seasons worth of wear.
  • In order to offer the best products with the highest value, blankdays uses no middlemen.
  • Blankdays’ leading star is sustainability and we do what we can to further reduce climate impact. Everything from fabrics, production, subcontractors, logistics, warehouses and offices has been carefully thought through to make our ecological footprint minimal.
  • The Blankdays range features one model of each garment category. Each model is carefully designed with great focus on fit and details, the result being “the ultimate fit” – the most complete fit for each piece of clothing.
  • Blankdays is the first clothing brand that combines luxury qualities, production and design with thoughtful fit and sustainability at all levels and with full transparency.