Sustainability is at the top of the priority list at Blankdays. Our approach to sustainability is that there is always room for improvement! We try our best across all areas of our business, from sourcing sustainable fabrics, and treatments, choosing ethical production to short and climate compensated transportations.

We focus on responsible supply chain and our company’s environmental footprint. Therefore we only use recyclable recycled plastic bags, recycled cardboard and we only use/ buy/ sell second hand furniture in our warehouse/ showroom.

Sustainability to us is so much more than choosing sustainable fabrics of course. Another important measure for us is that all our garments are long lasting, which is also one of our missions- to reduce mass consumption. All our cotton products are made from GOTS- certified long fibre organic cotton to ensure a much more long lasting product than standard. Organic cotton reduces water consumption by 91% when growing it, and furthermore the production follows GOTS- standard to make sure our environmental impact is as low as possible. 

We also use Tencel, the most sustainable cellulose fabric available, sourced from certified trees and produced in a closed- loop system. The fabric breathes naturally and is therefore a more functional at the same time as more comfortable than cotton. It also and stays in shape wash after wash and is easy to iron. This is a fabric that we will use in more products the coming seasons, since the water consumption and total environmental footprint is a lot lower than for organic cotton. 

The buttons we use are Corozo buttons. Corozo is a nut, also known as vegetable ivory, and is a sustainable, long lasting option for buttons instead of plastic buttons. 

We also have highest standards when it comes to environment for workers in our factories and total production- from producing the actual fabrics, dyeing, sewing, proximity to subcontractors (never further away than 10 km) to packing our products. We ship the products both from our factories and to our customers in the freight companies most environmental friendly option. 


We’ve been sourcing Europe to find manufacturers that share our views on quality and sustainability. Everything is carefully inspected – from production to corporate culture – and good, safe and fair working conditions are of course non-negotiable.  

The pursuit of working with ambitious sustainability goals and getting even better is an ongoing process, and we’re in it for the long run. That’s why we communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty and transparency. We have at least one workshop in sustainability each month to try to find new solutions- and we also trust our customers to give us ideas of how we can improve our sustainability.

If you have thoughts or questions about how we work, please send us a mail to:!



  • Blankdays fabrics are kind to the environment, and exhibit everything you want from clothing, such as durability and comfort.
  • All cotton is GOTS certified of high quality and traceable to growers.
  • EVERY part of our products, from raw fabric to threads are made in Europe to avoid unnecessary shipping. 
  • Our merino wool is non-mulesing and EXP 4.0 treated. This is the first wool treatment that meets the strict requirements for eco labelling, such as GOTS.
  • Blankdays is a label free brand. No unnecessary hang tags or other labels are used on our garments.
  • All packaging is environmentally friendly. The plastic bags are made from recycled and recyclable plastic, and the boxes from recycled corrugated cardboard.
  • Transports are kept to a minimum during production. Our Portuguese producers’ subcontractors are located within a 10 km radius.
  • All shipments to customers are climate compensated and are also made with the freight companies’ most environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Blankdays has sourced Europe to find manufacturers who can produce our garments sustainably. At present, Blankdays has three manufacturers in northern Portugal (Braga/ Barcelos) where our t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts and boxershorts are made.
  • Blankdays socks, beanies are manufactured in Gällstad, Sweden, only 50 km from our office.  The production unit is entirely powered by renewable energy in the form of wind power.
  • Blankdays leather goods (key chains, wallets) are made in Småland, Sweden of left overs from furniture production. No leather has been produced for us, we only use the parts that otherwise would be thrown away.
  • Blankdays donates 5% of the profit to sustainable initiatives.
  • Do you have ideas on how to further improve our sustainability initiatives?  we appreciate all feedback and ideas from you!  Please get in touch by e- mail: