creating long lasting sustainable garments is our promise-  this is how you take care of them



At Blankdays we produce long lasting organic garments. We believe that everyone needs to care for our environment in every way we can. By taking care of your products and treating them gently you can help doing that, even more than what we can effect by producing them in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. At the same time you make sure your favorite pieces last and keep their fit longer, so caring for your products is the best for you as well as for the environment.



Wash your clothes carefully according to the care instructions. We have our care instructions printed inside our garments, and if they by time will fade away you can always find them on our website, or send an e- mail to to get an update.

  • Use environmental friendly detergents, without bleach or phosphates, such as These products are made to keep your garments clean without extra tear to either your clothes or the environment.
  • Wash your garments less.  A good airing is often sufficient, and the less you wash the less you tear your garments. This goes especially for your wool items, but works well also for cotton garments. Let them hang outside for a few hours and your garments are like new. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight which fades the color of the garments.
  • Use air- or linedrying instead of tumble dryer for cotton garments. If you wash garments made of wool let them dry flat on a towel. Your garments lasts longer and keep their shape much better as well as making the environment a huge favour. Don´t let your garments hang too long, since the fibres in stretches out while hanging- even if they are dry.  
  • Store your garments correctly to avoid tear. Fold your t- shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and zip hoodies neatly in your wardrobe. Do not hang knitted items, (knits, sweatshirts, hoodies, t- shirts) since it causes the fibres to stretch out. Woven items, such as shirts, can be hanged- but on thick hangers to best maintain their shape.
  • Be sure to iron your garments at the correct heat. Check the care instructions of the item you need to iron and turn the garment inside out.  Do not iron unnecessary often, most items straighten out as you wear them. 

If you have any questions regarding care, don't hesitate to contact us at